Customer FAQ’s

Our participating stores assist us with the home improvement loan application process by checking for supporting documentation.

If you have any dispute about the building material, please contact the store where you purchased the material from.

  • Go to the store
  • Sign cancellation form once the store has accepted your cancellation
  • The store will refund the money to Evolution Finance
  • There may be cancellation charges applicable

There are many reasons for a partial delivery. It could be:

  • There is not enough space in the yard where it needs to be delivered
  • There is no stock available from the store, at that moment
  • It might be a specialised item that needs to be manufactured

 You can ask the sales consultant and manager in store for the reasons for a partial delivery. Real People is not liable for deliveries.

Delivery times are determined by the home improvement store and should be communicated to you. You should contact the sales person in store about the delivery schedules. If there is a problem, please speak to the store manager or the store owner.

All contractual obligations regarding the loan are included in the loan agreement that you receive. The sales consultant should explain the contract. You must read the contract before you sign it.

The interest charged on a Evolution Finance Loan is dependant on your credit profile.

A store will request a deposit from a customer only if the quotation for the material is more than the approved loan amount, for example, if the customer qualifies for a loan amount of R15,000, and the quotation is for R20,000. A deposit should not be requested if the approved loan amount is equal to or more than the cost of goods being purchased.