Become a merchant

What we offer:

Financial pressures affect every sector of the economy, including your customers. Providing finance in your store can allow you to make more sales and drastically increase your revenue.

Evolution Finance, a reputable Credit Provider, developed a finance product specifically for Home Improvers and DIY enthusiast.

Evolution Finance offers approved customers:


  • Loans up to R175 000
  • Approval within 2 hours*
  • Up to 60 months to pay
  • Quick and easy application process
  • 30% of the loan amount in cash, if needed for labour.
  • Flexible loans to meet their home improvement needs

Benefits of teaming up with Evolution Finance:


  • Establish a mutually beneficial relationship with an established credit provider
  • An increase in revenue
  • Simple to use web based applications for your customers through ORCA (our Online Credit Application System)
  • We provide quick disbursements upon approval directly to your bank account.
  • Receive training and support to your sales staff
  • Receive point of sale material for in store branding, making customers aware that they can buy on credit once approved.

Evolution Finance has a proven track record as specialists in offering home improvement finance to customers from various income groups.

*Subject to all required documents being submitted when initially applying for the loan and all underwriting criteria being met.

Merchant FAQ's

Once the loan application is approved, an automated response is sent through to the merchants. Should you not receive a final approval, please call 0800 212 019

Merchant must phone Real Care at 0800 21 20 19

You receive a sms as soon as the loan application is submitted. Thereafter the application goes through to vetting, which can take about 30 minutes, if there are no problems with the vetting checks. We aim to provide feedback on the same day on condition all required documents are provided.

An application could be stuck in vetting because we have not received the supporting documentation for us to process the application or because the submitted documentation is not clear.

The customer should call the Call Centre 086110 1724

Fill out the cancellation request form, send the form with the deposit slip (if applicable) to cancellations@evolutionfinance.za.com

There are many reasons including the following:

  • Failure to capture information correctly
  • Capturing a non debitable account
  • Incorrect amounts
  • Customer cannot afford the loan etc.