Understanding the building process part 2

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By Real People at 21 Dec 2017, 09:43 AM


Your building project is well on its way with the external structure being completed. You now have the fun part of the internal fitment to look forward to.

These are the main stages of fitting out your new house:


  • It is important to find a reliable and licensed plumber
  • Verify his license with the Institute of Plumbing South Africaand also check his references
  • Once you have contracted the right plumber, ask him to advise and walk you through the installation process
  • Pipes for water and drainage have to be carefully installed

Ventilation and heating

  •  Should you wish to install a ducted air-conditioner, do so before the ceiling boards are installed
  • For underfloor heating, consider the following flooring options:
    • Tiles
    • Stone flooring
    • Marble flooring
    • Engineered wood
  • The underfloor heating wire mesh mat will be placed over the parts of the floor to be warmed
  • The chosen flooring option will then be placed above the wiring
  • Another option is ceiling insulation which offers an affordable way to keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Once the ceiling has been installed the air ducts can be installed as well as the ceiling insulation


  • With guidance from your design, the contractor/electrician will install the main electrical distribution box and wiring throughout the house
  • During this phase, wiring for plug points, lighting and appliances like stoves, air conditioning will be installed
  • Remember that your choice of lighting fixtures will enhance the look and feel of your home


  • Your builder will then install your ceiling which you have a few options to choose from:
    • Gypsum wall board or sheetrock is the most common material used
    • Acoustical ceiling tiles
    • Beaded plywood panelling
    • Natural wood to create a solid ceiling

Final Fittings

  • The final plumbing fixtures are then installed (shower, bath tub and sink)
  • Crown mouldings where the wall meets the ceiling and trims for the doors will be installed
  • A prime base and finish coat should be applied to the walls in the chosen paint colours, install wall coverings such as wallpaper or wood panelling
  • Your chosen cabinets for the kitchen, bathroom and storage will also be fitted
  • Flooring – Whether you have opted for carpets, wooden floors or basic tiles, the flooring will be installed with the option for skirting boards to finish off the space between the floor and wall
  • Install appliances such as stoves, microwaves, etc
  • Activate the water and electricity supply to test that everything is working properly
  • If the basic utilities are not functioning properly, your contractor must adjust and fix them accordingly
  • Appliances can be positioned and hooked up to the water supply if needed

Walk through your house with your contractor and create a snag list of things you would like redone or fixed. Once your contractor has fixed all these details, you can move inand enjoy your dream home!


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