Evolution Finance offers home improvement finance that can be used at over 700 participating hardware stores. Evolution Finance directly pays the loan amount to the participating hardware store, which serves as payment for the building materials.

One of the key benefits of our product is the flexibility it offers to customers, it allows customers up to 6 months to purchase the building materials, enabling them to complete their projects in stages. This means that customers only pay interest on the portion of the loan they have actually used, rather than the entire loan amount. This flexibility allows customers to manage their finances more efficiently and complete their home improvement projects at their own pace.

Our in-store credit origination model is designed to benefit both the merchant and the customer. For the participating hardware stores, this model provides them with the tools necessary to improve their turnover. On the other hand, customers benefit from a customer-friendly solution to their home improvement needs.

Overall, our home improvement finance and in-store credit origination model aims to facilitate and simplify the process of home improvement needs for both customers and participating hardware stores.


Home improvement loans
up to R175 000.